Atlanta Constitution – January 6, 1888

Atlanta – The crowd of people in Concordia Hall last night saw one of the most exciting wrestling matches ever contested in the United States. The contestants are men who have never suffered defeat, and it is doubtful if they have any superiors in this country. Both claim the championship of the world in the Graeco-Roman and catch-as-catch-can styles of wrestling.

Greek George won the first fall at catch-as-catch-can in 29 minutes; Muhler then threw his opponent in 36 minutes of Graeco-Roman grappling; the third fall was side hold — “A handkerchief tied in a knot was held by both men. Each man held the other by the back of his trunk. Should either relax his hold he would lose. The men tried to trip each other and jerked each other around for several minutes. This is an uninteresting sort of wrestling and the spectators did not enjoy it very much. The contest, however, was soon ended. Through inadvertence, Greek George relaxed his hold on Muhler’s trunk. Time was instantly called.” … “At this juncture, Greek George approached the front of the platform and said, ‘Gentlemen, I am not used to wrestling side-hold; I don’t know anything about it. I never tried it until tonight. But I am willing to wrestle Muhler catch-as-catch-can or Graeco-Roman for $500 a side, and here’s the money.’ As he said this he threw a big roll of bills upon the carpet. ‘Now let Muhler or his backers cover it,’ he cried.

Colonel C. C. Gallaway, of Hilldeer, Texas, rose and exclaimed, ‘Here’s one hundred dollars to back George,’ and a hundred dollar bill was passed up to the stage. In a few minutes this money was covered, and Muhler and George each put a forfeit of fifty dollars. It was decided that the match should take place next Monday night, for $250 a side. The money was placed in the hands of Mr. J. K. Ohl, city editor of The Constitution, who has consented to be the stakeholder. The wrestlers and their backers will meet this afternoon at 3 o’clock in the editorial rooms of The Constitution, where articles of agreement will be signed. The entertainment closed with a series of exciting sparring bouts between Dennis O’Leary and Muhler, and between Greek George and Jim Lynch. This exhibition was enjoyed heartily by everybody, and the two amateurs were complimented upon the skill and pluck they displayed.

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