Atlanta Constitution – December 27, 1887

Atlanta – The great wrestling match, an event which has been looked forward to for several weeks, will take place tonight. The contestants will be “Greek George” and John Muhler, the two most scientific wrestlers in the world. The match will take place in Concordia Hall. The stage will be arranged like it was for the wrestling contest between Muhler and O’Leary. A thick carpet will be fastened down securely. This will be about two inches in thickness and will cover a space about sixteen feet square.

The doors of the hall will be opened at 7:15 o’clock, and the match will begin at 8, or a few minutes thereafter. Mr. Dennis O’Leary has been chosen as the second for Muhler and has indicated his willingness to serve. Greek George has not yet named his second. He will select some well-known Atlanta gentleman who is familiar with the rules which govern wrestling contests. Tickets may be had at any of the following places: Steve Grady’s, the New Era saloon, and Jim Lynch’s saloon. Reserved seats cost $1; general admission 50 cents.

The crowd of spectators will select the referee just before the match begins. Either Mr. Jim Lynch or Mr. Henry Beermann will be chosen. Both of these gentlemen are ardent devotees of athletic sports, and are themselves skillful wrestlers and boxers. Besides, they are conversant with the rules of the ring. Either one would be perfectly acceptable to both contestants and their backers. No person will be permitted to go upon the stage except the master of ceremonies, the referee and the wrestlers. A brass band will be present to enliven the entertainment.

The indications are that an immense crowd will be in attendance, and the crowd will be composed of the best class of Atlanta’s citizens.  Doctors, lawyers, merchants and society men will be there in large numbers. Delegations will be here from Marietta, Decatur, East Point, Stone Mountain, Augusta, Savannah and Macon. The only drawback is the limited dimensions of the hall. Only a small proportion of those who are anxious to see the contest can secure seats. The hall seats comfortably between 600 and 700 people, and there is standing room for perhaps 100 more. But the indications point to a crowd of several thousand.

“Greek George” will be naked from his waist up, and will wear the regulation tights from his waist to his feet. He will wear blue and red socks. His tights will be flesh colored. Muhler will be dressed in precisely the same way, only his tights will be blue and his trunk black, and he will wear red socks.

“Greek George” weighs, in his wrestling condition, about 185 pounds, and his adversary is perhaps six or eight pounds heavier. Both men are in perfect fighting trim. They say they were never before in so good a condition. Both wrestlers are brimful of enthusiasm and confidence. They expect to do the best work of their lives. Each man is confident of victory. Many large and small bets have been made on the result. Not the slightest odds are offered on either man.

The Savannah News published a statement day before yesterday that Duncan C. Ross, the well-known athlete, had endeavored to arrange a match with “Greek George,” and the latter had left the city so as to evade him.

Regarding this statement the Greek says: “I tarried in Savannah several days with the express understanding that Ross would make a match with me. I waited for him but he did not come, and I know he had no intention of meeting me. This not the first time I have sought a match with Ross. I challenged him twice when I was in New Orleans, and he was in Texas, but we did not come together. Again I tried hard to get up a match with him when we were both in Denver. Again in Jacksonville. But Ross was always afraid to meet me, at least that is the inference I draw from his behavior. Now, if Duncan C. Ross really desires to wrestle with me, I will cheerfully make a match with him for  $200 a side, just as soon as my match with Muhler is over. I am willing for the match to take place in Savannah, Charleston or Atlanta. I hear that there is an unknown Frenchman here who wants to wrestle with the winner of our match, and I wish to say that whether I win this match or lose it, I am willing to wrestle him for $100 a side in private.”

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