Atlanta Constitution – December 30, 1887

Atlanta – Neither “Greek George” nor John Muhler is satisfied with the outcome of the wrestling match which took place last Tuesday night in Concordia Hall. Muhler was eager to continue the match until he or his adversary should get the decisive fall but “Greek George” was not willing to prolong the struggle beyond midnight. It has just transpired that George was not in his best condition Tuesday night. Several previous nights he had not slept well. He expects to be in good shape when the contest is renewed. Muhler is full of confidence. He believes he is the better man. Next Monday night the two wrestlers will again test their skill, pluck and endurance. The next match will be “catch-as-catch-can,” the most exciting form of wrestling.

“Greek George” has gone to Savannah to meet Duncan C. Ross, who is a great all-around athlete and fine wrestler. The young men of Atlanta, since the match between Muhler and “Greek George,” have become deeply interested in athletic sports, especially wrestling. Muhler is a skillful boxer, and is teaching several young men how to use the gloves.

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