Joe Acton’s Victory

The New York Times – February 8, 1887

CHICAGO, Feb. 7. – Joe Acton, the champion catch-as-catch-can wrestler of America, defeated Evan Lewis, of Madison, Wis., to night, at Battery D Armory, in the presence of 4,000 spectators.  The winner took 75 per cent of the gate receipts and the loser 25 per cent.  A number in the audience pronounced the affair a hippodrome, but also declared it probably the best exhibition of skillful wrestling ever seen in Chicago.  Only once during the match did Lewis secure a “strangle” hold, and then Acton broke it immediately.  The men wrestled under special rules, which provided that two shoulders down should constitute a fall instead of two shoulders and a hip as is generally the case.  The terms were the best three in five falls, and Lewis won only the second.  At the conclusion of the match both men posted $100 to wrestle again according to regulation rules.


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