Steve Casey Defeats Dean Detton

San Jose Evening News – June 22, 1944

Srgt. Jack Smith Wins Over Handsome Kay Bell

Taking the only fall of the match, Steve (Crusher) Casey defeated Dean Detton to retain his world’s heavyweight title at the civic auditorium last night.

Casey, who is recognized as the world’s king in 36 states, had too much power and all-around class for the lighter Detton.  It was a bitter and grueling battle all the way, however.

It took the champion 50 minutes to chalk up the only fall over Detton, a former world’s titleholder.  Casey used a toe hold and body press to turn the trick.  The time limit expired before either grappler could gain another fall.

Casey used toe holds and leg holds all through the match, while Detton countered with a short arm scissors.

Smith Wins In First Bout

Making his first appearance in San Jose, Sgt. Jack Smith won the semi-windup contest over Handsome Kay Bell.  Smith won the only fall in 14 minutes with a body slam and then held Bell in check the remainder of the match.

Big Ben Morgan won the opener over Stan Pinto when the latter tried a body slam which backfired.

A crowd of nearly 2000 attended the matches.

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