Two Bulldogs Go Together For Win

Coos Bay OR Times – February 26, 1949

Two Bulldogs ganging up on one Pacific Coast junior heavyweight wrestling champ last night brought irate spectators to their feet screaming for justice. A surprise ending to the main event of Thor Jensen’s wrestling program at the North Bend Community Hall found Bulldog Clements again the winner, with the help of his trainer and predecessor, the famous old mat character, Bulldog Jackson. Frank Stojack was the unhappy loser, backed up by the entire crowd.

An unusual battle was seen, with Clements clinging to his own corner for the first five minutes, and Stojack doggedly holding an arm bar for the next 15 minutes. There was no lack of action, however, for Clements struggled to his feet often to try to free himself from Stojack’s vice-like hold. He finally succeeded and turned on the foul tactics, winning the first fall in 30 minutes with a standing backbreaker.

Clements and Stojack exchanged choke holds, unnoticed by referee Billy Hunter, until Stojack saw his opportunity to try an airplane spin, but Clements wasn’t having any. He squirmed and threw himself over the ropes, but couldn’t keep clear of Stojack’s drop kicks which, followed by a body press, won the second fall in seven minutes.

Stojack moved in with more drop kicks to try for the final fall, but Bulldog Jackson hopped onto the ring, waving his arms to divert Stojack’s attention, and was the recipient of one of those drop kicks. Stojack’s downfall came when he dropped to the mat after kicking Jackson, and Clements fell on him at the crucial moment with a body press which won the fall and the match. Although the crowd and Stojack called the decision unfair since Jackson had no business on the ring platform, the referee’s word was called final. Promoter Jensen told the crowd that surrounded him that he would attempt to arrange a rematch between the two in the near future.

Herb Parks won out over hillbilly Stocky Kneilson in the 45-minute match, taking two falls with his punishing leg stomps. The bewhiskered, tattooed Kneilson cinched the first fall by catching Parks with a knee in his stomach as he bounced off the ropes, followed by a body press.

Bob Cummings, even though hampered by a badly bleeding cut over his eye, chalked up the winning fall in the opening scrap opposite Billy Hunter, newcomer from Canada. Spectators seemed to enjoy the clean match for a change.

One response to “Two Bulldogs Go Together For Win

  1. Is there a photo anywhere of Billy “Tarzan” Hunter?

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