Thesz, Kowalski Meet Thursday

Seattle Post-Intelligencer – July 25, 1954

Two cards of mat exhibitions are on the slate this week and a special bill at the Civic Auditorium Thursday night with Lou Thesz, boss of the heavyweights, meeting Wladek (Killer) Kowalski in the windup. Other events Thursday:

Ben Sharpe, Hamilton, Ont., takes on Kay Bell, the pro gridder, in the semifinal. Roger Mackay and Luther Lindsey are down for the special. Other affairs are Frank Stojack vs. Eddie Williams, Bud Rattal vs. Danno McDonald, and Bronco Lubich vs. Mike (Wildcat) Jackson.

The Monday night program will headline Ben Sharpe in a one-hour contest with Mackay. Three other affairs round out the evening: Henry Lenz vs. Williams, Jackson vs. McDonald and Lubich vs. Frank Schneider.


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