Kim ‘Holds,’ So Thesz Holds Title

Chicago Tribune – July 17, 1954

Lou Thesz continued as one of the world’s heavyweight wrestling champions last night, but not until his Rainbo Arena match with dreadful Lu Kim had gone to the last page, and most exciting part, of the script.

The score in falls was tied at one each and almost 3,000 fans thought they were about to witness wrestling’s greatest upset, when Kim got a terrifying hold on Thesz.

But, alas! The hold was illegal. Kim was disqualified and Thesz was proclaimed winner and still champion. Thesz had taken the first fall in 13:21 with a body press. Kim came back to win the second with a full Nelson in 5:20.

A disqualification also settled the semi-windup between Andre Drapp and Big Bill Miller. Miller won the first fall with a back breaker in 12:50 and Andre squared things with a drop kick at 6:40.

After another 5:10 of wrestling, Miller threw Drapp from the ring. This pitch is as illegal as the spitball and Miller was disqualified. Other results:

The Great Karpozilos beat Bobby Nelson, one fall; Cyclone Anaya beat Mike Lane, one fall; Ivan Rasputin and Bob Orton beat Juan Hernandez and Maurice Roberre, two falls (tag match).

The Great Karpozilos

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