Oki Shikina Bows To Londos At Olympic

Los Angeles Times – February 23, 1933

Oki (Chokey) Shikina was no match for Jimmy Londos last night, the Greek titleholder stopping the Japanese grappler in the second round of the tussle at the Olympic.

Londos used a backward body slam to beat Shikina and Oki was knocked out by the fall, forcing three cops and an usher to pack him away. The end came after 16m. 23s. of the catch-as-catch-can round.

Starting the match, Oki won the toss and elected to wrestle with the kimonos on in jiu-jitsu style.Shikina had the better of the going, but failed to make Londos say Uncle Oki, which is what one must do to win in jiu-jitsu grappling. This went on for 20m. and then the catch-as-catch-can wrestling commenced, which ended disastrously for Oki.

George Kotsonaros and Vic Christy grappled all over the place in the semi-wind-up but got practically nowhere for the match ended after thirty minutes in a draw. Kotsonaros suffered a cut eye during the melee, while Christy contracted a pretty shiner and with all the grunts, groans and grimaces there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Wladek Zbyszko inaugurated a new hold to beat Don De Laun in the special event. After two minutes and thirty-seven seconds of wrestling hither and thither around the ring, Don tried a flying scissors. Just as Don started to fly Zibby turned his back so De Laun landed plop on the broad Pole’s rear. Zibby got all excited and started coughing, falling backward with Don on the bottom. Thus De Laun was knocked colder than an Eskimo’s hat and Zbyszko was awarded the victory on a backward cough drop.

Rudy Skarda beat Henry Graber in 20m. 47s. with a sneaker side body slam. This also was a new fall improvised for the occasion. Skarda started to look for a nickel or something. This drew Graber’s attention and he also commenced gazing at the canvas. Skarda then jumped on poor old Hank when he wasn’t looking and won the match.

In the opening bout Walter La Core beat Clyde Miller in 14m. 10s. with a body slam. This is sometimes known in the wrestling world as a “buddy” slam, as it is only used between “pals.” La Core presented a striking color scheme, wearing bright yellow tights, which were  enhanced later in the bout when La Core suffered a nose bleed.

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