Jim Londos Mixes With Oki Shikina

Los Angeles Times – February 22, 1933

Jim Londos and Oki Shikina meet in a combination catch-as-catch-can and jiu-jitsu bout, best two out of three falls to decide the victor, at the Olympic tonight.

This is probably the most unusual battle between topnotchers scheduled in years, as the American style grapplers have always shied clear of jiu-jitsu experts because of the entirely different principles of the two types of mat work.

In jiu-jitsu wrestling a grappler is not considered pinned when both shoulders have been planted on the mat. To score a fall in the Japanese style of mat work, an opponent must quit when he is no longer able to withstand the punishment, strangled into unconsciousness, or injured so that he is not able to continue. Both Londos and Shikina will wear the regulation jiu-jitsu jackets.

The possibility of injury ending the encounter was so great that Ed White, who manages Londos, late last week decided against the bout unless Shikina signed a new contract in which he agreed to meet the Greek star in a return bout within thirty days. The contract will be put into effect should Londos be injured and lose through default. And to insure Shikina’s appearance in this section in that time, promoter Lou Daro signed the Japanese star for two other bouts for the next month.

A toss of the coin will decide whether the American or the Japanese style of mat work will be used in competing for the first fall. The grappler taking the least time to score in the first two falls has the right to name the style of wrestling to be used in competing for the deciding event.

In the Japanese style of wrestling Shikina should have little trouble in disposing of Londos. According to his handlers when the Nipponese star snaps a hold on Londos to score a fall, it will be one of those that will put the Greek away for the night. Shikina intends to take no chances on Londos being able to return for more wrestling.

In the American style, Shikina, although outclassed, has enough ability to force Londos to the limit. The Japanese grappler uses more combination Japanese-American grips and “nerve-pressure” holds than any heavyweight in the game.

George Kotsonaros, the fiery Hollywood Greek, will mix with Vic Christy, Sunland flash, in the thirty-minute semi-windup.  Wladek Zbyszko, king of tournament grapplers, will tangle with Don De Laun in the thirty-minute special event. Henry Graber and Rudy Skarda, popular young heavyweights, meet in the second event, while “Wildcat” Miller faces Walter La Core in the opener.

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