Accident May Cost McGuirk His One Good Eye

Associated Press – February 8, 1950


A freak accident may cost professional wrestler LeRoy McGuirk, Tulsa, his one good eye.

The eyeball and eyelid were severely lacerated. He underwent surgery this morning and his doctor said it will be some time before full effect of the injury can be determined. At Arkansas Baptist hospital here, it was reported that McGuirk was thrown against the windshield. The impact broke his glasses and the broken glass cut his eye.

McGuirk was not driving. The driver was Bob Clay of Muskogee, wrestling protege of McGuirk. He stepped on the brake, which “grabbed,” throwing McGuirk into the windshield. Clay was not hurt, and didn’t lose control of the car.

McGuirk and Clay were driving downtown to eat after wrestling on the card in Little Rock. McGuirk reached in the back seat for his hat and had to get up on his knees to reach what he wanted. At that instant a truck pulled from the side of the road directly in their path. Clay was forced to slam on the brakes. The sudden stop threw LeRoy into the windshield.

McGuirk lost one eye in childhood, but became a top-ranking amateur wrestler at Oklahoma A&M. He has been a well-known professional wrestler for many years and is recognized as the national junior heavyweight champion.

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