Joe Mondt Downs Wayne Munn In Armory Contest

Miami Daily News And Metropolis – November 23, 1926

NEW YORK, Nov. 23. – Joe “Toots” Mondt, known as the Colorado Cowboy, downed Wayne (Big) Munn, the Nebraska Giant, who held the world’s heavyweight wrestling title for a short time as the result of a victory over Ed (Strangler) Lewis, Monday night in the Seventy-first Regiment armory, where another contest resulted in a serious accident.  In this bout Hans Steinke, the German giant, came down on his opponent, Tony Hatches, with all the force of his 242 pounds.  Hatches was still unconscious one-half hour later when he was removed to Bellevue hospital.  The injured wrestler was said to be suffering from concussion of the brain and a possible fracture of the skull.

Charley Hanson was given a soft one in Tony Rocco, whom he tossed with a crotch and hammerlock in 18 minutes and 72 seconds.  Cyclone Ress and Martin Ludecke wrestled 30 exciting minutes to a draw in the opening bout.  Waldek Zbyszko and Alexander Garkaweinko were also supposed to have had it out, but the latter very suddenly disappeared and defaulted to Zbyszko.

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